Review of 2015

This was a year full of changes. A year when M and I moved forward, clearly.

The year began with a little snow and was a little cold, but not as much as I wished to. I like the swedish winter but it was a little dissapointing last year as well. I was going all crazy with the preparation of the half marathon and during the month, I ran exactly 100 km.

M and I also celebrated one year in our new flat on Kompanigatan. We were very happy of the situation and trying to go smooth into 2015, with no clue about what would happen the rest of the year.

I went to France, in a spontaneous way at the end of the month, in order to visit my mother who was at the hospital. Of course, I visited my father too and took some runs in the hoods there. This was a good training for the legs, thinking of the hill they are living on.

In januari, I even started to interview some great photographs, that I met on Google+ and asking them 5 simple questions. I had the ambition to post an interview every week, but it was maybe a too big ambitions afterwards. These interviews gave me a lots of new energy to make pictures, even if the rest of the year did not allow me to do as much as I wanted. To be continued! You will be able to read the interviews if you follow the links: Lore Mendez, Nicolo Ripley,  David Hawkins-Weeks, Andrea Catelli and James Allan.

I tried to be a little creative during february and I designed a “baby sleep-watcher” (I maybe should patent this name?) and made -in my opinion- one of my best pictures for 2015.

M and I also to Finland to visit some friends in Rauma. We even made a snowman, the second of the year! He did not live that long though.

March was the month when I turned 33. M made me a very nice celebration, we went to a spa and bath bubble bath the whole day. When we came back home, I just laid down on our balcony and was served cold champagne. What do you wish more? Some days after, we booked our flights to visit friends in San Francisco. We finished this month on the west coast of the USA and this was not planned at all I may say! If you want to see the pictures of this travel, look in the archive, for april 2015 (it took some time to process everything).

One other unplanned thing that would make a revolution in our lifes was that I sent an applicationletter for a new job within the same company at the end of march,

For the hearth and the body, I ran  a half marathon just for the fun and felt pretty ready for the one coming in june. good for the brain to know that you’re not old enough to give up!

When we just landed back to Sweden and I went to the jobbinterview. Two days after, my future new boss called me and told me he wanted me to begin in his department. From this second, we had to react quickly: I was going to begin the first of june, in a totally different town and we had to find a new place to live, to sell our flat, M had to talk with his boss and fix his jobsituation as well and we had to sort our things out and everything. Very exciting but a little bit scary at the same time.

All before this revolution, we obtained a little part in a common garden, so I was planning to grow our own vegetables.

You know how we solved that? We took a road trip to France and Germany. And we had this breakfast. Among others! We met my sister and her boifriend, I even ran 19 km with her, in a tropical rain and got a big cold after that. We went to the wedding of a very good friend of mine and had a blast celebrating their union with a lots of cool people and respecting traditions from both France and Germany. The wedding took place very close to somewhere I grew up and I took -according to me – one of my best pictures of the year (again, hard to tell which one is best).

M became one year older and I made him a raspberry pie. For his birthday, we went to the restaurant and I was totally depressed by the fact that I may have lost the wedding ring of my grand father. Luckily, I found it back, but I was so sad until I put again the hands on it.

In mai, we even tried to find a flat to live in from juli but it was not really easy. The situation for hiring a place is very complicated in Sweden and after weeks of searching and tausend of phone calls, we had to resign ourselves: it was impossible to find something in the city, so we extended out research. Another part that was hard, was to sell our flat. We had not count on that at all, but the government who wanted to change the rules of the paying-back-loans had to resign and it was like a vacuum on the market. This meant to us that we had no one who wanted to buy any flat at all (not only just ours, it was calm everywhere). When you are a familly, your place is the biggest investment you make and we were seeing coming that our place would be the biggest debt we would have for the years to come. Not very positive at that time.

In june, my sister, cousine and I ran the first half marathon of Linköping. It was a winderful time together (they staid a good week end with their husbands) and we had a blast running together. The weather was just perfect (not too sunny, a little rain to bruise on us) and the people looking on the runners were clapping a lots for us. Don’t know why??!?!

The situation for our appartment did solve itself and we even found a place to live from juli. Lucky us, since I was beginning a month after and we had a whole move to plan. We spend a lots of hours sorting things, giving away a lot and trying to take the most of memories from our life in Linköping. We celebrated Midsommar at our place with some friends with the worlds uggliest strawberry pie.

We even had to fix our jobs of course. It was high tempo I would say!

the third of juli, we moved north. Well, I and our stuffs moved north and M had to work for the whole month in Ljungby. Lucky us, who had help with the moving, but it was emotionally hard in a way. It was hard to quit the appartment in Linköping, it was hard to see and fix the garden at the house we were moving in (the grass was like a jungle…), it was hard to fix some order in a tiny house, that had no place to put things in. In other words: it was a moving. People do that every day and it was far to be my first moving, but this time, I was all alone, and meeting a reality that I hadn’t planned with: there was no internet in the house!! ah, just kidding but somehow a thing I forgot to live without. You may say: at the beginning of our stay, I was pretty busy with other stuffs, plus that I was working, but anyhow.

I was invited to spend the french national day at the french ambassadors house in Stockholm and it was special. The day before, I signed for both M and I for the buying of our new flat in Uppsala.  It was pretty quick but the situation with the house was not sustainable for a whole winter and a full time work and only one car for two working in different directions. Plus no good heat system and no bathroom so to speak.

At the end of juli, we had one week vacation, that continued in august. We went to visit a friend on his island in the archipelago of Stockholm and discovered the area around the house by running together. M never wanted to do that with me before, so it made me really happy!

We began august with the second and last week of vacation for this summer and went down to Linköping to really tell good bye to our old flat. We left the keys to a real estate agent, who gave them to our buyer and we thought we would be clear. It appeared that we weren’t and the real estate agent helped us a lot to fix this last trouble. Somehow, all this selling process was a pain in the ass, but at the end, maybe it’s what it takes when you are in a hurry.

The rest of august was pretty calm and the last day of this month was my tenth year of living in Sweden. Pretty big. At the same time, it was the ten years anniversary of this blog, which makes of me a dinosaur in terms of blogging. 10 years in a 33 years long life is a big part of it.

September was a busy month. I cut the grass almost twice a week but we also were preparing our moving. We even change bank and this is a hell of administration, but worth it when we thought of how much money we would save with this change. The market in Sweden is kind of special, and this is not going any better. To buy this big (and to us expansive flat) is a big challenge, we will make it going well, but it is not often that we take this kind of decisions.

The last week end before the moving, M did travel to France without me, and I plaid tetris in my head to know how many things we would manage to move with the help of our car.

The last day of september, I picked up the keys of our new appartment and it was all crazy!

This month began with a moving, that we did all by ourselves, with the help of M’s brother. It was a hell, and if you ask me (still now), I don’t want to move for the coming 20 years. It went well, but it was really hard to put together, at the same time that we were working full time of course and trying to remember all the new codes for the doors, the credit cards and so on. Really tireing, but we did it. Yeah for us!

This month was almost only spent with moving shits, like cleaning, give back the keys and so on. And we sold our car. This was also a big decision but two months after, we are really happy of that: we don’t need it in our everyday life and we save tons of money.

I even began a new sewing project and now, at the moment I write this post, I feel bad because I haven’t done anything in weeks… I will use my vacation for it.

At the beginning of november, it was my time to go to France. i visited my false grand mother and some friends in Paris. It was one week before the unexpected happened and I was years to think that the streets I was wlaking on would have to be the scene of this kind of drama on the 13th of november.

At the end of november, we also had the visit of our friends from Finland, and we worked a lot as well. The weather was piss and we ran like two times? Yeah, I know, it could be better. I did register to a gym though, thinking the weather would be more like winter, but it hasn’t happened yet.

December was a cosy time, when I made a mini sew project and when we fixed a lots of small things in our appartment. We like very much to live here and it feels quite and calm. Very important when you know how fast the life is going.

Last year, I asked myself and answered this question:

What would I do differently next year? I will continue to live my life pretty much the same way I am doing now but I will give myself more quality time for my own creativity and inspiration. And I will take care of my body that is getting old, my biggest problem being that every gram of food stays much more longer on my hips that it was doing when I was 25…

Well, I still think that I should read more. I still feel bad about the tons of books I want to read. I still would like to be more creative and to give myself quality time. to be honest, 2015 did not had that much space for it, but I don’t plan to change work during 2016, so everything should be better on this areas! And that with taking care of my body: yes, I will.

Have a happy new year 2016! 

bonne annee 2016 - Kopia

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