The day we sold our car

It was today. since we moved in the city, with everything close to us with a walk of 10 min (food, doctor, center, work, train station), M and I decided to get rid of our car. We bought it in march 2013, a little bit in an impuls, but it allowed us these particular things:

  • I got to drive to the country side once a week to ride horse
  • M had a freedom to drive car to Ljungby (his work when we were living in Linköping) during when the train was making some troubles or when he wanted to be flexible
  • We were able to move north when I got this new job. Without the possibility to live a little bit from busses and trains, we wouldn’t have found a place to live. Honestly, I don’t know how long it would have taken to find a place to live and … well, you get it.
  • We were able to make vacations here and there without too much planning.
  • We were able to move pretty cheap the second time this year.


One of its works: to give back a lots of boxes that were used in our first moving this year. for the second moving, it could countain 6 full boxes and a lots of other things on the top of them, which meant that we moved all the small things in 8 travels only. Pretty big car or pretty few things to move, you choose.

We drove about 30 000 km during the time we had the car. When you count the difference during the price we bought it and the price we sold it, the insurance, the services and others small things -and the car did not had any troubles-, the parking, the car costed us 3 500 kr a month. And I did not even count the price for the gas. How much taxi you ride for this money? Answer: a lot. And this was not even an expansive car… Despite of the price, this car made our lifes much more easier this summer, and regarding how intense it already was, it was a lot for us. I only had a car for this short period (30 months) and lived very well in Sweden without before, so it’s just a way of habbits, but it feels pretty strange to be “with my own feet again”. But it will work very well!

Bye bye Olga, we liked you for the services you gave us, but you were our most expensive child.

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