#4 Andrea Catelli

Travel. Lines. The pictures of Andrea Catelli make me dream of packing my bag and discover the world. Colored or black&white, his pictures contain always something interesting, without overdose of informations. Andrea describes himself as a simply guy,  “I’m not a Photographer (with the capital P). I’m simply a guy (a man ..) who takes pictures, who likes to take picture.” says Andrea. His pictures are to him photos without a deep story behind, without a “Big Plan” or “intimate project” or something intese or passionate in it. It’s only photos to him. And to me, it is a wonderful way to discover places that I’ve never visited before. A whole new world of inspiration!

Andrea, what inspires you?

– I like to take pictures when I travel, so … I’m omnivorous and I like everything, mostly cityscape, landscape, architectural, wildlife. In fact, there is one thing I am not able / I do not like to photograph: people. I don’t have the right ‘feelings’ about it. Every time I try … but …I cannot do that.
I need to learn that.


What make a good photo, in your eyes?

– If it was made with the heart but, above all, with the “head”, with an “idea”, with the right “technique”.


Andrea, can you recommend something to make a good photo?

– Listen to your heart, head and use the right technique. And, of course: the digital darkroom is essential.

You can find Andrea’s work on his google+ page. The mysteries of a landscapes or the purity of a skyline, in the way Andrea immortalizes them, is a great influence to me. Thank you for sharing your views and for this interview!

#Andrea Catelli

Picture by Andrea Catelli

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