Last week end, we recieved the part of a garden when we will be able to grow some vegetables and flowers and this is really exciting! I am not at all a professional in this area but I like to make things with my hands, in relation with mother Nature. And what is more fun than to grow your own food? Well, now, I don’t think that it will be enough, but at least, I will try!

M is not a big fan of gardening, but he is a big fan of sitting in the sun reading a book and this place is also perfect for him to do that.

So, yesterday, I passed by and try to figure out what I will grow and where. And of course: what is already growing in the garden! Because we are lucky people that already have rasberries (our favorite fruit), strawberries and some rabarber. So I made a plan, and tried to list which vegetables are easy to grow and fitting in the swedish climate. The tomatoes will live on our balcony obviously.


Today I went to a shop to buy some potatoes to grow, some earth and this hortensia, which is already sleeping in the garden. It is like a symbol for all the growing to come! I like this flower, that is so proud that it can change color depending on the ground. Let’s see if this blue one turn out to be pink later!


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