Last time I cut the grass?

Sunday again but some weeks between this and the previous post I wrote. The weeks are running from us and soon, we will be old and realized that we missed our lifes. Well, not really  actually. 

We have been working a lot, the weather has been pretty rainy and we made fire every day in the fire place. This is a short summary of a normal day here. I less than two weeks, we will get the keys from our new apartment and everything is getting very quick now. We compared some banks and have to make good choices because it will define our economical situation for the years to come.

To get the keys will be a moment of joy, but then, there is a moving to make. We have a plan but this is it: I am very tired of moving. Plus that we have to combine this with intense weeks at work and M traveling to France (without me!!) next week end.

After that, we need to clean the house here, give back the keys; sell the car and so on. I guess I won’t post very often on here for a little whole, but soon my readers, soon I’ll be back with even more time and inspiration!

One happy thing that happened these past weeks: M has been running several times a week. We have now this occupation in common and even if he starts slowly and carefully, on the long term we will spend many hours running together. 

So, time for me to shower after the last cut of the grass here:


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