#3 David Hawkins-Weeks

Clean. Imagination. That’s what comes to my mind when I look at the pictures of David Hawkins-Weeks. David, a self-taught and amateur photograph, succeeds in making me think outside the box with his pictures: the colors are pure, the shots are precise and the subjects are clean. “I have an interest in subjects of the everyday and ordinary that we often walk right by without noticing.” says David. I agree totally with his statement and I like the fantasi world his abstract pictures take me into.


David, what inspires you?

– Geometry of lines and angles, repeated patterns and shapes, bold colours or high contrast. I particularly like looking right in at the detail, hence the macro work and looking at things from an unusual angle.


What make a good photo, in your eyes?

– Somewhat subjective, according to the viewer. For me, it has to make an immediate impact and a connection on a level rather than the blatant obvious, i.e., an emotional or feeling connection.


David, can you recommend something to make a good photo?

Don’t ignore what’s around you – look at everyday objects and scenes that you see all of the time from a different angle. Challenge yourself to take photos of subjects that might not at first appear interesting… there’s always a photo there somewhere of everything!

You can find David’s work on www.extrajection.com (links to other social media on the site as well). I love to travel in my imagination when I watch this picture of him below. Thank you for your art David and for this inspiring interview!

#3 David

Picture by David Hawkins-Weeks.


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