I FOUND MY LITTLE BOX AGAIN!!! I swear, this took me so much energy! But I feel happiest than I have felt in ages because of a thing. I can tell you now: I don’t care about the other things we have at home: we have our passeports, I have my little box with the weeding ring of my grand pa, so now, I can give away all the rest! Practical before a moving!

And I am sorry: I wrote yesterday that I had 680 francs as savings as kids, but not even that. I only saved 580 francs…

2015_IMG_0388 - Kopia

And by the way: I also had the wedding ring of my mother in the box. Both rings are on a necklace and this little box, I will sleep with it. from tonight!

I like the ring of my grand father: it is so thin and not round anymore. My grand pa worked with his bug hands. In the ring, it is written YC – MM 22-11-52. It was not yesterday they got married! And in winter! In the wedding ring from my mother, a silver ring, it is much more explicit: PATRICK à ANNICK 6-8-77. This ring is widder but simple as well. If I get married one day, I wonder how my ring will look like…

2015_IMG_0043 - Kopia

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