Moving in progress

 the morning was early today for me and the moving company arrived around 6. A big truck is right now driving up in the country with absolutely everything we own. Minus our phones and some clothes.

I drove almost directly to our new place, 300km from our old so it took a little while. I passed by Stockholm and this is funny how even in vacations time people are stucked in their cars in the traffic. Well me too this morning.

I have been to buy some grossery and I cleaned some hideous unclean places in our new home and I’m right now waiting for the truck.

The grass in the garden is one meter high, there is a lot of job to do to make it clean. And I miss some tools for that so everything is a bit of a challenge.

On the positive side: the weather is lovely: 30 degrees and sun, it doesn’t happen often in Sweden!  

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