Week 5

A new week by the coach and new prepositions: I spent the week 5 in France, at my parents place and beeing in vacations. At the beginning of the week, I wanted to take back all the kilometers I lost the past weeks with work and so. I also wanted to sleep a lot and feel untired. This is how the week 5 went:

  • day 1: 6.44 km. The weather was horrible with like 0 degree and smelting snow falling from this very frey sky, so I choose to run on the band. The only problem was that I reminded 6.22, so I ran 6.23, thinking I was on the good side but no… I miss 200m on the program… pfuii…
  • day 2: 9,66 km. I ran 14,5km in 1h30 on the band. The weather was horrible as well and I felt like this was a better way for me to make some kilometers. It felt both slow and fast. I find it very difficult to run at a constant velocity on the band, I grow borred and just want to stop.
  • day 3: 4,83 km. I rested my body.
  • day 4: Cross-train. And again: rest…
  • day 5: 4,83 km. I ran 9 km in 50 min on the band. My goal was to run 100 km in januari, which I did. I am also pretty happy with this time, was an average of 5min 40 per kilometer, which -for me- is a good velocity for a so long distance.
  • day 6: 12,97 km. Does the kilometers in a plane count? Or the fact that I had to run to the second gate when I transferred in Amsterdam? No? Ok then…
  • day 7: rest. I was back in Sweden, after a nice evening with M, drinking a way too much wine for a good run the day after. It was snowing outside, like all the time, how could I be able to motivate myself for a run? I had 11 km left for the nike coach program but I was not feeling good to make it that far, but I also knew that the coming week with work would make it difficult… hum….

At the end of the week, I am weighting 64,5 kg, meaning that I am back on where I was 2 or 3 weeks ago. I need to cut down all wine and food in excess. It was a lots of this the past week and this is not surprising that I went up. With work beginning again now, this problem will be solved I guess.

Oh and btw, you get here some pictures that I couldn’t load at my parents place. The first one is the view, just around the corner of their house. For the record, some hundred meters from there, I met a angry dog and this made my running exciting.

bild 1 (5)

The second one is the “little” slope you have to go up to arrive at the house. I can’t do it running for now, and just walking it up without stopping is a challenge (the picture shows about 1/6 of the real length.

bild 2 (6)

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