My version of the half marathon of Linköping

Half a year of preparation for something that is over after 2 hours and some minutes. Was it worth it? My answer is here…

We were 1200 at the start of the Linköpings half marathon and some 900 finished the race. The weather was sunny at the start, and it was told that it would be thunderstorm. I felt a bit concerned by it: running as a wolf is not the easiest part when the rain is coming.

My sister, my cousin and I had decided to run together. It felt like a good idea from the beginning, depending on our different possibilities. We started the race in a good mood, with a lots of strange looks from other participants: we were the only three that took the challenge to wear a costume.

From km0 to km4, the race was in a industrial area, pretty flat and with some public but not that much. We started pretty much at the end of the whole group of participants and saw how people ran away from us. Our energy was at its top and it felt so good! We had some water at 4 km and this is the place where I became a locla heroe:


When I see the picture today, I don’t feel really sexy in this outfit. Anyway!

From km4 to 10, it was a slow uphill, with some public but not too much. I tried to tell my sister and cousine to save their forces at this point, because even if it seemed easy, 10 km is not even the half of the race. Already then, we joined some of the ones that ran too fast from the beginning.

Unfortunatly, at km 10, my cousine felt very bad and we had to slow down in order to make this bad feeling go away. We lost about 1,5 min/km in speed but we thought it would be enough for her to feel better and come back stronger.

At km13, we met our men, that were cheering for us. It was raining quite a lot but I cannot remember that I was wet somehow. The costume did not feel too heavy either, it felt good. My legs felt pretty fit as well and we were talking all the time, trying to give our cousine some energy. At this point, I think she was really fed up with us two…

After km13, it was going downhill. I really hoped that my cousine would have some new power, but it did not come. My sister and I decided then to run at our rythm, a little bit faster. We gained our cruise speed again and ran happyli toward the goal.

At the km19, I took a short but slopely downhill a bit too fast and after these 50 meters, my legs felt like concrete poles. I let my sister fly to the goal and ran a little slower. It was actually kind of hard but I succeeded to run ahead a lots of the ones that were before us.

I was really happy to run to the goal, but it did not feel like in Malmö, when I was crying about my first half mara, or in Paris, when I ran it in 1h55 or in Stockholm when I felt sick the whole race after having drinking some energy drink. Here, in Linköping, it felt fun because I had a wolf costume on me and a lots of cheerings on the way. And it felt good to see people I knew directly after the goal line.

And it felt good as well, when we got to receive a price for the best costumes of the race. Not very difficult since we were the only ones, but even! Fun!

This race was the slowest half marathon I ever ran. It felt a bit frustrated as well when now I know, some days after the race, that my body could have make it faster. It felt like nothing the day after and this is the price to pay when you want to run with other people: either you stick with each other and make a thing of it or you run alone and get a more appropriate time for your prestation. There will be other races in the world, this is definitivly not my last half maraton.

Yes, it was worth it, because I experienced that running for running is so much more fun when you make it in a costume, because I feel like I have more energy in my body and because I became a star in the news paper even if very localy…

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