#2 Nicolò Ripley

Nature. Humour. Details. That’s what I see in the pictures of Nicolò Ripley.

Nicolò makes photo to distract himself from everyday problem. “This is a way for him to escape reality for a better one” he says and I can just confirm that: his shots from small things in his environment make me dream.

Nicoló, what inspires you?

– I like the nature. Lately I even tried to walk in the woods because I realized that even a simple step was able to change something.


What makes a good photo, in your eyes?

– I try to see beyond the photo. I like to get into the picture.


Nicoló, can you recommend something to make a good photo?

–  A good photo is made by the emotions from those who take them.

You can find the work of Nicoló on google+ here. I think that Nicoló should keep on his good work and make us dream of other realities, like he does in his pictures. Nicoló is a proof that good pictures are not the products of an expansive equipment, but from a good eye for details and what is just around us. Thank you for your art and your interview!

14 - 1

Picture by Nicoló Ripley



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