My fake grand mother is a sew expert. She sewed almost all the clothes all the time. The last time I visitied her, she gave me some models for me to try to sew at home. Among them, it was a winter coat, which seemed easy on papper.

I will visit my grand mother next week, so I thought I would try to sew this coat, so I could ask questions when I see her in France.

After some experiences with sewing that did not turn the way I wanted to, I decided to sew this coat first in a very cheap fabric, just to try. It looked like that before I cut the fabric.


And I don’t have any picture of the finished work, I feel like I need to ask a lots of things to my grand mother. The positive points are that I am pretty happy of the result, but I need help to fix the size a little bit. I need advices…

Since I had the sewing machine working all around, I sewed the curtains from our bedroom. I am actually pretty proud of it, this is usually the thing that you see every day but fix only at the moment you will move out. So Yeah for me!


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