A mobile for a little kid

I have absolutely no experience with small children, since we don’t have any. In our family and friends circle, these mini humans are nicely inviding us. When I was a kid, I liked to dream (and even today…) so recently, I decided to create a mobile for a new born in our close family.

You need:

  • some ideas of which kind of things you want the child to look at. I choose a moon, a cloud, an owl, a star, a flash. You could as well think of boats, fishes, birds or whatever you think should be appropriate above ones head
  • some felt in the color you wish to make the hanging things. Felt can be bought for almost nothing in every do-it-yourself shop.
  • a circle to hang your figures in
  • some thread, in a color that fits well with your felt
  • some fillin. You can take an old pillow fillin or cottons. Works well
  • some hours, depending on how you are used to make this kind of DIY

Here are the steps.

You begin with cutting your figures in the felt. You may think a little how you want to built them. In my case, I just decided to cut two identical pieces of felt and then to sew them together.1_IMG_8917


You sew the 2 parts of the figure, but not all around, you need to save a little hole in order to put some fillin into the forms. When every pieces are filled, you sew them totally, in order to close them. I also sewed the rain drops on the clouds and then, hung everything on a circle, that will, in its turn, hang on the roof or somewhere above the bed – if the parents think that it is nice enough.


At the end, you have a nice mobile, that you made all by yourself, in the colors that you wished! The picture below is of bad quality, sorry for that, but you can see the owl and the cloud. The moon is hidden behind as well as the star and the flash.


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