The summary of 2014 and a sneak peak in 2015

Usually, I make a long post about how I felt the past year, but this time, I will take some questions coming on popular blog and answer them. New way to reset the memory.

Something I did under 2014 that I’ve never done before? I’ve taken a step in my writing direction in kind of a public way. I mean: I’ve been writing some stories and enjoying it. It has triggered my creativity and I liked it!

Did I did a big change? oh yes I would say, several. We moved at the end of january in our new appartment, which has been a real pleasure. I change job in march, in the same company but for a very different project. I took the riding horse back in my life.

Did someone of my friends get a baby? yes, two of them.

Which date of 2014 I always will remember? Not sure that I can remember a single day like that, with a date, I pass this question.

Did someone close to you die this year? Thank who wants, no!

Which countries did I visit? I have been in Sweden of course, Danemark, Netherland (plane change, does it count?), Schweiz (plane landing, does it count?), Ireland, Norway.

Best buy? Our robot-hover. We have mostly been selling our stuffs than buying this year, but the robot is maybe the best buy in 5 years or so.

Did something make me really happy? To get to know that M supports me, no matter how painfull of childish I can be.

Do I miss something under 2014 that I want uner 2015? yes, but I keep it for myself. I live in the belief that if you share your biggest wishes too much, it won’t happen.

What do I wish I’d done more?  Reading real books. I have a big lists of books I genuinly want to read but I never had the time or the motivation to read for real. I also would have laid more time on writing and taking pictures. And I would have switched more often the internet off.

What do I wish I’d done less? playing candy crush?

Favo program on TV? We have no TV so I’d say some serie we’ve been watching: hum, the killing maybe.

Best book I’ve read this year? I haven’t read that many books this year, but I would say this one (in swedish): vart är du på väg och vill du dit? from Christer Olsson. This is actually not the first time I read this book, but this is a very inspiring one and I recommend it to everyone willing to developp oneself.

Biggest music discovery? Honestly? None. Not because of the choice, just because I haven’t lay one minute on discovering new music. This may be a shame as well, but I haven’t. I have been listening to thousend of times of podcasts though, this was music to my soul and inspiration!

What was my biggest success at work? I would keep it to the fact that I got a new job at the beginning of the year. The rest is secret on here, just because I don’t want to mix my professional and private life on here.

And my biggest success in my private life? To sew. I never thought I would be able to make something with my fingers. I am also pretty happy with maybe 50 pictures I took this year, proof that it’s all about hard work. For my relationships, I have to say that I am very happy to have spent a week end with a friend I thought I’d lost. And I am also very thankfull that M is still willing to live with me, even if I’ve been pretty horrible and stressed sometime.

My biggest mistake? I am not sure I made one that I would remind that way. Mistakes are done to learn something and I am greatful that I always see the positive in things.

IfI was more happy or more sad that previous year? I have been pendling between happy and sad, as every human being does, with a regular balans, so I don’t know, maybe same-same?

What did I spend much money on? definitivly our flat.

Something I wished and I got? my job. And M learning french.

Something I wished and did not get? 20 millions swedish crowns, in order to fullfill my writing and riding secret  dreams. And a ring from M with a promise of forever.

What did I do for my bday this year? I was at home with M and had a nice dinner.

Is there something that would have done my year even better? To wish this kind of thing is being like a precious child: I have everything I wish and so much people doesn’t have 10% of my luck that I cannot decently write something for this question.

what made me feel good? feed back from people I look up to, taking a run, waking up at M’s sides. Among a lots of others things.

Who was I missing? M when we were apart and my horse. I have been dreaming of her maybe 100 times this year.

The best people I met? hum, I haven’t met new people really except at work (and I let this part away). Really, when I think of that, it makes me pretty sad, but I haven’t met a new person in my private life this year.

What I’m the most proud of? my relationship with M. We are working on it, but it feels like a hobby more than a job. I am taking every day or project shared with M as a wonderful game and it makes me happy, developp myself and I deeply wish that he feels good as well.

What would I do differently next year? I will continue to live my life pretty much the same way I am doing now but I will give myself more quality time for my own creativity and inspiration. And I will take care of my body that is getting old, my biggest problem being that every gram of food stays much more longer on my hips that it was doing when I was 25…

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