#5 James Allan

Places. Instants. I like to watch James Allans pictures because they take me to an environment I am not used to and wake my curiosity up, while they are charming my eyes at the same time. James has been travelling for now nearly 8 months on a journey that has taken him across East Asia. “I have seen many spectacular things and met many amazing people. I want to use my photography to inspire others and help them realise that working and travelling is a possibility.” says James. He suceeds!

James, what inspires you?
– It sounds cheesy but I am inspired by the beautiful planet and the life on it.

What makes a good photo, in your eyes?
– A good photo is well organised and clearly presents the message the photographer is trying to communicate. The message can be anything from showing off a dramatic sky to an insightful observation about society. I do not think there are universal rules for composition and exposure,  but the choice should relevant to message behind the photo. Most of the time the fundamental rules apply but some of the best photos are the ones that knowingly break the rules.

James, can you recommend something to make a good photo?
– Find a photographer that you like and try and understand how they get their message across in their photos. Try and replicate a similar technique and eventually you will develop your own style. The most important thing for about photography is to stay positive, have fun and focus on the things you enjoy.

You can find James work on his website is www.123kimchi.me but you can also follow his updates on Facebook, G+ and Instagram. On his website, you will not only find his beautiful pictures but even explanations about the places James visited. A great way to travel to the other side of the world! Thank you James for your answers and you make it: you inspire me!


Picture by James Allan.

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