How it was

It was, hum, special. I arrived 15 min too early at the door, so I went for a little walk. When I came back five minutes later, it was a long queue already.

The ambassador, his wife, the chief of the army (or someone like that) and the boss from the French institute were standing in a row and took people’s hand. There were five such big tents with food and drinks and people just jumped on them. The picture bellow is not representative because I was among the firsts guests coming in.

A singer sang the Swedish and the French anthem and the ambassador made a speech. The sound was so bad that I did not understand a word.

The people were very eclectic and I still wonder why me. I talked to several person (I am not good at mingling) and found two nice guys at the end. 

The sum of the day is that 

  1. I really needed this expansive dress – thank you, sales!
  2. the French taxes payers can be calm: everything was sponsored 
  3. even rich people have prejudices. 

For the point three, I think I need to explain. The situation is following: I was standing at a table, eating and talking in Swedish with my neighbors. A couple of old (around 70 I guess) and probably -here you read my own prejudices – rich (visible by their accent, their clothes and the jewelry) came and were standing at my right side. I could hear the lady saying in Swedish:

French people are so bad at talking foreign langages!

Maybe I just give more power to this sentence with my poor written English on here. Anyway.

Then, some minutes later, the lady asked me something. I replied in Swedish and added:

But maybe you did not understand what I just said since I was not talking my mother tongue.

She looked at me with big eyes, really big and replied that of course she understood what I just said, It was in Swedish. And I did not need to say anymore, she understood a little while after that I was using kind of black humor against her. The people I was talking with before this episode knew that I am French from the beginning, they were smiling a lot. 

But I mean, who is a so short thinker to tell negative things in a place where the concerned people are everywhere and even more, paying for her champagne? This was pretty noobie to me. I think that this thing happens to anyone that has been living a little while abroad: 

  1. you think that no one understand your “secret” language when you are talking bullshit about the natives or 
  2. you think that people, because they are speaking the same language as you, think the same as you about the natives. 

The golden rule is: you never can know where a people is from only by the language, so you better keep your prejudices for yourself!
Thank you though, whoever you are, for inviting me! This was a great experience and kind of emotional to sing La Marseillaise.


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