The Vosges

I am from France. Born in Chambray-les-Tours, in the middle of France somewhere but raised in north east France, in the Vosges. I lived there 17 years, saw my mountains every morning and enjoyed the forest more than anything else during my childhood.

I moved from the Vosges 1999 for my studies, first to Metz, then Grenoble, and then Darmstadt. I moved to Karlsruhe for my first work and after a year and a half, I moved to Sweden. Lund did welcome me at first, and then Eskilstuna and now Linköping. My moving is not finished yet, since we are taking all our picks and packs and moving to Uppsala this summer. We don’t really know where and when and how yet, but this is the plan.

In all these nice places I have been living, there is one thing I was missing and this is my mountains. Spoky, dark and often rainy but still my lovely mountains. We were there last week end for the wedding of a good friend of mine and I got my walk in the woods. My lovely woods.

Enjoy by yourself:

2015_IMG_0009 - Kopia

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