Our new flat has 3 bedrooms. One of them is our actual bedroom, quiet and sober. One other is kind of an office, with a corner to make creative things (like post on here right now and sew) and the last one is a library. It is a luxury to have this kind of areas where we can decide the mood. This last room will also be used as room for the friends coming over to visit.

We recently bought a bedsoffa and put some order in our books. We even bought some lamps to get a cosy mood and the last thing we did during our vacations was to put a shell on the wall. We are pretty happy with the results. This room is wonderfull in the morning, when you sit in the soffa, you can also bath in the morning sun.

We have some final touches to make, like changing the carpet (we plan to move the one we currently have in our living room and replace it by another, bigger) and we need to find a better table, but these two things can wait.

151222_biblio 151222_biblio2

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