Week 11

This week 11 was on the sign of the reborn. Or how do you call it when you discover that you have it again? Here you get the story of my last 7 days of training:

  • Day 1: I walked 7 km in high heels in Stockholm. Does it count for something?
  • Day 2: rest. I wanted to train but I had to spend my evening running around between buying food, cleaning the car, cleaning our flat and so on. This was enough at this moment, but nothing that helps me for the half marathon in june
  • Day 3: this was a sunny but frozen morning. Whatevs! I took my little legs and went out for a minimal run (3,18 km in 18 minutes if I remember well) and it was good for my soul.
  • Day 4: nothing but work and an evening at home.
  • Day 5: a SPA-day is almost sport, isn’t it? It was anyway very relaxing!
  • Day 6: I wanted to test the path for the half marathon in juni, so I checked out the route and decided to cut the boring parts, specially the one going through an industrial zone. I made an extra round in the wood right after the km11 and it was a big part in itself. The part between 9 and 11 is going up pretty hard and to run in the wood, where the groudn is full with water is not the easiest thing. I ran through the university and I felt my legs, I tell you. I made an estimation in my head, during this boring and right away part between 16 and 17 and decided to make another litle round in the wood: I was so close to make a 21,1km that I really had to. The conditions were perfect: sun (a little too much wind maybe) and I was not that much in pain. When I arrived around our hoods, I had to run round a little to make this half marathong whole but I did it! I was really happy to achieve that 2,5 months before the real one. It took me 2h15, which is pretty slow, but for my head, it was important: I can do it!
  • Day 7: some ridng horse with jumping on the menu. I did not feel the 21,1 km from the day before in the legs, but it was sometimes hard so keep balance.


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