The day before the day 

Tomorrow will be an active day. The day of the moving! I left my work this morning with tears in the eyes and wasn’t even able to say goodbye to my colleagues for real, I sent an email afterwards. Coward and sentimental. I will still be working for the same company, but I made good friends here so I am sad.

And then, I couldn’t stop to cry when I saw my M being so nice and funny as he uses to be, knowing that we won’t see each other for three long weeks. The cutest he was, the more tears felt down. I still feel sad of leaving our flat and a bit anxious about how life on the country side will be. To discover it by myself is also not helping. Crazy how I grew from being a self confident people no matter what it was about into this scared girl for things that are concerning both M and I. I need him by my side and actually, I don’t know how I could live before him. 

Well, this is just for me to stop to think and just do what is on my list tomorrow and hopefully fall asleep very tired tomorrow evening. 

And I need to remember that this moving is much positive for our life! And forget about the sad things.


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