Things happen

We drove to Linköping this morning, and went for the last time in our flat from Kompanigatan. This was a little sad, but could have been worse if we wouldn’t have know what our coming home will be. So we checked that everything was ok and closed the door for the last time. 

After lunch, we were totally done and got like money on our accounts. We are now loan free, but not for long… Soon, when we will get the keys from our new apartment, we will also have a loan, that we probably will pay back within 20 years !!! Meaning that I will be around 55 years old the next time I’ll be loan free !!! Oops!

On our way back home, we staid in Norrköpings and watch the exhibition NASA – a human adventure. This was funny to see how USSR and USA were in competition and how USA also was a train too late. I wished a little more physics than only pictures. Well, I studied this kind of things like 15 years ago and at this time, I was able to calculate how much energy was needed to put a satellite in geostationary orbits but now, hum, I can’t even recall what is the altitude of a geostationary orbits… Shame…

  Since we spent 6 hours in the car today, we took a walk to the lake to see the sun go down. It was worth it. Very romantic and quiet. We saw a family of swans having dinner and a couple that came there with a kayak, having dinner too. These were –sadly enough- not with the head in the water and the ass pointing to the sky. Only eating like civilized human beings, too boring. Now, time for a new episode of true detective! 


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