And outside 

this is as much chaos outside that it was inside. The people that lived previously in the house did not cut the grass regularly. The landlord promised to make it before we arrived but somehow, they did not keep their promise. 

So I woke up at 6, ate breakfast and went out to cut the grass manually. With every step I took and every grass piece that the scythe took in its mouth, I was swearing to whoever wants to listen that I want to move from here right now. 

I also met some neighbours and one of them told us that the previous people that were living here were freezing in the winters because of a bad isolation. I wonder how long it will take for us to find another –our-  place to live. I need at least to wait for M to come here and see and live here a little.

Before my work:

After my work:

This is maybe not much for the world but it killed my hands and arms.

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