#1 Lore Mendez

People. Emotions. That’s what I see in the pictures of Lore Mendez.

Lore is a street photographer who tries as well to picture landscapes and architectural photos. Most of her work is in Black&White, with high contrasts, but every now and then, a picture in color comes up. “I’m always looking for a storytelling image” she says and I can only agree with that: something happens in her pictures.

Lore, what inspires you?

– I studied math, so my first inspiration was geometry and the golden ratio that has everything to do with composition.
Then, I discovered how amazing are the stories of the people in the city. You can see a clown and a lady talking in the phone next someone reading the paper while a kid is ridding a bike. So many possibilities and stories behind, and everyday changes! The city is alive because of the people. I was inspiring by this and my work became more personal trying to convey the emotions that the people make me feel.


What makes a good photo, in your eyes?
– For me, the good photo is the one that manages to convey the emotion and the moment that the photographer wants to convey. Of course, you don’t have to lose composition, good lightning, good exposure, your focus and a good detail management.


Lore, Can you recommend something to make a good photo?
– Practice, as Henri Cartier-Bresson said “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”.
Stop and Shoot, if you take a photo while you’re moving is less likely to get a good photo.

You can find Lore‘s work on google+: google.com/+LoreMendezPhoto. I am looking forward to see more pictures of her, witness of every day emotions and lifes. Thank you Lore for your art and this interview!

sin título-854

Picture by Lore Mendez


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