tgis is the sound that my body made tonight when I laid in my bed. This was a long and a very active day. All our stuffs are in our new home, which is 20m2 smaller than our previous one so everything is complicated. There is no space –or we have too much stuffs…

This was also the hottest day of the year of course and I was feeling sorry for the two men that moved us. I was myself sweating like a pig trying to put some order but they had to drive back home then! They worked very good!

I went to ikea to buy some shelves and after a lot of reflexion, I choose Ivar-solution. Economical and fits in the space we have. 

I am a bit anxious about our life here. This looks so chaotic still and we have to think. But I’m too tired to think tonight. Look what I have to fix tomorrow:


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