My 2018

A new year began and it’s very popular to write some resumé of the passed year. I think I’ve written some reviews almost every year… I found these one in the archives: 2008 , 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 .

This year 2018 passed by pretty quickly. It was a good year, when we still enjoyed being at home full time (we shared M & I exactly alike) until Z began preschool in february. After that, we were alternatively at home with her on wednesday and it was a good idea. For her: she was only 1 year when she began and needed the rest in the middle of the week. For us: it is an incredible luxury not to work in the middle of the week. If someone is wondering about taking a day off, take it on wednesday! Monday and Friday just puts you in a longer week end and if you partner is working theses days, you won’t do other than being an “housewife”. On wednesday, it’s all benefit! You habe 2 fridays in the week and get some energy together for the two last days of the weeks. It was wonderful for us.

2018 was also the year when M stopped to comute to Stockholm and got a job in Uppsala where we live, in a company giving him the opportunity to do new and interesting things. This changed our lifes: 3 hours more every day for him to do other things than sitting in a train or a metro. For me and Z it meant much more quality time with each of our triade. Wonderful!

I had a rough automn at work, putting some of my plans on the blog on hold because I had to much to think about with work. This polluted a bit my life, but 2019 will be different, for reasons I won’t talk about, and you know why? Because this blog is not about work, it’s all about dreams, inspiration and creation!

I began a good habbit 2018: I went swimming once a week with a friend and it was good for my body and for my soul! I hope this friend want to make it 2019 on and on!

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