Who am I?

About me

With the pseudonym eiao, I am a 35-ish years old french girl, married happily with M, mother of a little girl, living in a middle sized town of Sweden and with a job I like. I am not pretending to be something more than an average french living an average life.

My mother tongue is french and I am fluent in Swedish, but it would be a nightmare to write in both languages to satisfy my readers, so I choose english. Pardon my poor level!

About the blog

I have been blogging since 2005, year when I moved to Sweden. The purposr of it was to show a little of my life abroad to my friends and family in France. I kept on writing through the years, more or less active depending on which phase in life I went through.

Nowadays, my purpose with the blog is to give some hope and inspiration to people going through average life with ups and downs. To share some tips, happiness and reflections, because there is no need to be rich to find happiness around.

Life is too short not to LOL

In my secret dreams, I would be a famous writer, living in a simple house and with a lots of readers around the world. In reality, I write some fictions now and then  and you can find some of my texts under the category stories. They are in french and in swedish. I don’t feel comfortable enough to write in english, sorry. These stories are only from my imagination, and no one is a real person.

There is beauty all around you!

I also like to take pictures and to make illustrations. Nature is my main inspiration and my daughters will to discover things motivate me to create pictures. IT’s right now kind of hard for me to find some free time to satisfy this hobby so please be patient, both for my improvments and my new publishings on here! If you are interested in my work, don’t hesitate to contact me!