Who am I?

With the pseudonym eiao, I have been blogging since 2005, year when I moved to Sweden. I am a 30-ish years old french girl, living a happy life with M, in a middle sized town of Sweden and with a job I like. I am not pretending to be something more than an average french living an average life.

My mother tongue is french and I am fluent in Swedish, but it would be a nightmare to write in both langages to satisfy my readers, so I choose english. Pardon my poor level!

I like to take pictures as well. You can see my “work” under the category seeing. I use both my Iphone and a reflex Canon EOS 450D that I bought 2009.

In order to keep in shape, I run quite frequently. You can read about it in the category moving. I also always loved to ride horses and once upon a time, I was a motorbike driver, so you can find everything about riding in the taha! category riding.

Inspiration, in many different ways, is important to me. I try to share it with you in the other different categories like thinking and listening in this blog. I hope you will enjoy, reflect or like as much as I could do.

The category tasting is a try from my side to show how, as a french, you may survive abroad, when you don’t find all what you loved to eat at home.

Don’t hesitate to comment!

Oh and a last thing: I like to write as well. In my secret dreams, I would be a famous writer, living in a simple house and with a lots of readers around the world. I am not so far yet, but you can find some of my texts under the category stories. They are in french and in swedish. I don’t feel comfortable enough to write in english, sorry. These stories are only from my imagination, and no one is a real person.


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