One more year is gone and it has been full of life. I ended the year exactly where I began it, with the same company and if this was a gage for success, 2013 will be awesome as well!

In January, I did quit my job. It didn’t felt well and I also had to goose between two different and cool options. I took the safest one, safest for the mind, because I was not really ready to go in a new company, to move again and so on. I am very happy with this choice today. So I spent January cleaning my desk and preparing myself for a new start. I went a week end to Amsterdam with a friend in February, it was a good week end, even if I did not know that it maybe would be the last of this sort with this person. Then, when I came back to Sweden, I remember that it was very snowy and cold. Nice winter weather. I also said good bye to my motorbike, I hadn’t time for it unfortunately so I decided to sell it and it disappeared the day of valentine.

In the middle of February, I began at my new job and had a lots of travel already booked.

In march, we went to Germany M and I and we first went back to the place where we met in Darmstadt. Pretty much nostalgically if you ask me but it was very nice. It seemed like nothing had changed there and we really enjoid the spring and a siesta in a park. I had just turned 30 too. I did not make any party for that, somehow pretty anxious to become old. We then met a bunch of French friends in Frankfurt. And came back to the Swedish winter.

We went to two weddings in April, the same week end! I don’t think I ever was to so extreme weddings, these two being the opposite of each other. It did not give any idea to M and I am still waiting for him to propose… ;) if I remember we’ll, we also went to Stockholm to celebrate my friend J and this night ended with a long after party, it had been ages that I took the metro so late/early in the morning.

I cannot remember that much event from may, except that I fixed a surprise party for Ms birthday, with the complicity of J and we went to give some food to the seals. This was I think the most rainy day of this year, but the memory are warm.

June? Well I can’t remember a warm month but maybe I am all wrong? We spent midsummer in a island closed to  Stockholm and I got pretty mixed feelings about it, still now. I have now being celebrating Midsummer for 7 times and it never was a big party time somehow. Maybe I’m not that Swedish yet?

Juli, I was working. Not a lots of people at work, it was calm and rainy, perfect conditions.

In August, we began the vacations with a wedding and then drove car to France for a whole month of farniente, with a big party at the end. It was hard to come back but lucky me that had a nice program at work.

September was a month for a big fiasco with stockholms half marathon. I made a big mistake with energy drink and ruined a race with perfect conditions and pretty ok year of training. Even if I am still trying to run sometimes now, I am still so disappointed that I did not register to anything for this year.

October hum, what happened actually?

November the same, ah no, we went to Stockholm for a party and this was this same week end my wisdom teeth decided to make me trouble. Nice… And M announced me that he would move in with me.

In December, I just was to one Christmas dinner with work which is really good, I mean just to go once and not thousand times so that you get totally tired of the menu. Well I am already it but well, you get it. We spent christmas in France at
my sisters place and it was the closest from perfect you can get, even if my body is hating me! Just before to leave my flat for the vacations, I noticed that our both names were on my door now, this was my finest Christmas gift. Good bye week end in transit, hello normal life and M in my bed every morning!! :)

That was my 2012. It was a good year, except my anxiousness for getting older. 2013 will be exciting but for now, laundry!! Bonne année!!