My 2017

I did not write any resume last year as I use to do every year since I got this blog living (12 years now!! O_O ). I was pretty busy in being very pregnant and curious about the baby inside.

Time to resume 2017!

We were totally sure we were waiting for a little boy (we did not want to know) and some days in in January, this little girl came to us. (well “came” is a metaphor, I know exactly how she did not came with the birds or in a rose). It was the coldest day of the winter this year, with -20 according to the weather record from Uppsala. Snow and sunshine the day we went out of the hospital.


What for a first time together… If I’ve got quite good memories from the delivery (Even if it hurt as hell), the first month with little Z was one of the most difficult period in my life ever. Z was crying the whole nights along and after 10 days, it was shown that our little girl was hungry, even if I literally spent half of the day (and night) breastfeeding. To tell you how much time I spent with not satisfying our daughter: I watched the whole seasons of SKAM during night breastfeeding…. A lots of hours which did not trust our little girl. This feeling of not being enough, awful… Luckily, I had M by my side and it helped a lot. I wrote down my feelings in the blog as well and got some fantastic letters from girl friends, letting me know that I was not alone. No one told me before the baby arrived how it would be. I’m not sure I would have listened anyway, but maybe I wouldn’t have been that surprised.

Little by little, the feeding went better, the sleep even more and she slept in her own crib during the second week. Before that, she was in the room close to our bedroom. She went quickly to eat only once a night and at one month and a half, the was sleeping from 10-11 to 7, with one stop at 2 for quick food. Since then, she has been a big sleeper at night. The other side of this story is that she barely sleeps at day. Well, it’s ok. For the food, she was the happiest girl when we began to give her normal food at the age of 4 months. I am pretty sure that she doesn’t like milk too much (formula of course) because of the hell it was between her 2 and 4 months to give her hers bottles. It was cry and shout and tears and everything you can’t imagine. Now it’s much more better and I’m very thankful for that.

We made our first big trip Z and I at the beginning of february to go to Stockholm at the French embassy. Then, we went to Borlänge, Vetlanda, Rauma (Finland with the boat), France, Helsinky, France again, Moheda. She flew 6 times already and got her second passport. She has taken quite a lots of different train (intercity, X2000, X3000, commuter train, TGV). She is patient but when it’s too long, it’s too long and she lets us know it.

In april, M and I shared the time at home with Z. We went from me being at home 100% and M working 100% to 50% at home with Z and 50% at work for both of us. I am really thankful that our employers let us do that because for our family, it was a great deal. Everyone got the best of each time during the week and I would really recommend it if you have the opportunity to choose like we did. Each of us could enjoy every step in Z’s evolution and we even got to have “normal” moments at work, in situations we were used to from before.

This year, we spent time with our friends and families. Not everyone, not very long but some time and some ones. This is hard to make our time enough for everyone, but the hours spent this year are worth a lot. And you, who did not meet us this year, you’re not forgotten! Z even opened us the door to great new relationships as well. I am very happy to have these new people in our lives, both parents and baby girls from the “parenting lecture” we went to before the birth. The only thing we had in common at the beginning is our girls, born at the same time. Since then, we shared so much things! Everyone is very cool, sympathetic and I hope we will keeping hanging out during many years. Thank you E, M, A and S for being there and yourself! (and of course your girls and husbands!).

What about my “moving” part? My body got pretty tired of the delivery and the try of breastfeeding but after I would say three months, I was feeling almost like myself. I began slowly to activate myself after the green light from the nurse of course and I would say that at the date of today, the biggest problem for my physical results is my motivation. Nothing new under the sky. The difference now is that I feel the need to take care of myself much more. I’m not getting younger and it feels a little everywhere. So I registered to the gym, the closest from our apartment and I try to make time free during the weeks to train. Lately, we made a big investment in a new stroller, so now, no excuses at all. My goal of running 10K under 50 minutes when Z turns 1 year old is pretty unreachable though. Let’s see how I decide to turn it into. Oh, I forgot to tell on here, but I ran a race in september. Not my idea, but E’s one. She encouraged me to register, she ran it as well and as the powerful mammas we are, we made it, with a smile on our faces during the whole race. It is a wonderful memory, thank E!

When I left for parental leave, I had an idea that I would write my book for real. I wrote some following of my story but since I began to work earlier than planned, this had to go to the shell. Maybe something to be continued in 2018. By the way, when I was browsing my own blog today, I noticed that I read much more books than I thought I had. 10 whole books, 5 in swedish and 5 in french. Thank to Z, I was at the library at least twice a month, which did not happen before she was born. We borrow books, read some of them, and just open the others. But we get our minds to open!

At work, I had to learn to delegate and to prioritize things right. I thought I knew how to do it before, but this year at 50% working time made it real. I had no second over for rethinking, so I really needed to be sharp. I learnt a lot.

2017 was also the year for presidential elections in France. I went to Stockholm to vote and it was kind of nice to see that people took their responsibilities as citizens to do the same.


I’ve been cleaning at home. A lot. For different reasons actually: I needed to see which clothes I could have on after the pregnancy, we did not earn that much money this year, to selling unused things was a way to get some coins, I spent much more time at home, which gave me the occasion to see what we have around. Now, when I look in our flat, I am pretty satisfied: we use what we have and we don’t have too much unused things (except books, but that’s another story). Thumb up for that!

2018 will be a year of change: Z will go to Kindergarten, we will work more and we will bike much more than we ever did. And some other goals too. I feel like the hours will be precious, so I will have to choose carefully what I want to spend my time with. I apologize in advance to my friends who maybe will feel left over. It’s a period like that, I’m sorry, but I’ll be back. I want to be a strong mum, a mum who is there with her daughter when she is awake and at home, good at my work and last but not least a good wife. I don’t know if I already wrote it, but I love M so much more since we got Z: I wouldn’t have been able to make this alone.

2017 was a rich year. A point of no return somehow for our family. Not sure if we are complete or not, but the future will tell. May 2018 be for everyone the year with everything you really wish for!


If you’re interested in reading the reviews from the earlier years, here you go: 20152014, 2013: I had more ambition at the beginning and I made it month by month… january 2013, february 2013, march 2013, and then, the year ended. Or my ambition did disappear all of a sudden… 20122011 (only until april, then I may have got tired of something), 2010: well, I just had my phone to blog at this time, so it was a little difficult to post anything, 2008. 2009, 2007, 2006 and 2005 are gone missing. Well, you don’t mind I guess. For my defense, I began to blog 2005 and did not write that much the first years. Not that I did later either but my blog was less personal at this time.



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