2008 – retrospective

2008, for me it was -among other things-

the last trip in Morocco for the work

some skiing, hard for the legs…

some lifting of the kitchen and my bed room, pretty proud of my habilities as a noob ;)

a midsommar on Öland

an industrial strawberries production

A fabulous concert of Kent in Eskilstuna

My dear Vasy who left us

a cool trip in US and A

some good readings (snabba cash, le soldat et le gramophone, abysses, mort aux cons, tjocke-bo, jag dödar, i skugan av san siro, stieg larssons trilogie etc etc)

some good music (Markus, kent, oh Laura, Vampire Week end, Christohphe Mae, Timo Räisinen, Explosions in the Sky, Band of horses, The Soundtrackof our lives, KT Tunstall, Hakan etc etc etc) with a couple of good live sessions

the end of my year without alcohol and of course, super moments with cool people.