In three days, it’s Xmas. 

In two days, it’s the day before Xmas (which is the high celebration time for Xmas in Sweden, meanwhile anyone is still working, hunting gifts and so on, well maybe less this year since it’s a Saturday). 

In one day, it’s due date for our baby. I have to admit, I believed it would come earlier. Well, not too late for that but it doesn’t feel any different for me in my body today. I’m ready I would say. I could also wait some more, I cannot say that the pregnancy is heavy or boring, even at the end like that. Sure, I feel big and so but it doesn’t hurt anywhere. The heart burning thing is under controll when I eat regularly and I’ve got occupations if the time is going too slowly, so no pity on me. The baby seems well as well, even if the space is minimal right now. Good! I hope he/she will keep that in mind: in our family,  we dont like things we dont really need. (relation between the tow? The word minimalism).

Time also to wish everyone a good end of 2016. For us, it happened a lot: we got engaged,  we got pregnant (at least I, but M contributed as well!), we got married and maybe we will get the baby before 2017 arrives.

About the blog, I tried to write now and then, but I haven’t been very creative. I was out for photo sessions maybe two times, I did not read that much. The new thing I tried about my creativity is the drawing class I went to during the spring. It was actually a good idea and gave me self confidence. I drew a little on the computer as well and made these animal illustrations for the babys room. The purpose was to balance the strong pink wall we have in this room. And I drew this card yesterday, it says it all :

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