Third day in San Francisco

Sorry that it took so long time, the week has been crazy with work, and I don’t want to write something short about this travel, that was something big for us! You can read about the day one and the day two as well: here for day one and here for day two.

We actually did not spend the whole day number three in San Francisco. We drove to Pont Reyes, which is a national parc north of the city, about 1 hour and a half from there and we enjoyed a lunch with oyster on the beach, in the company of another very nice french family.

The first happening of the day was when we drove on the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a giant bridge. When you look at it from the city, you cannot see it all clear for some reason, I almost thought I had eyes problems. But when you drive on it, you cannot miss it. According to the pedestrians hair, it was a windy place to be and not very quiet because of all the trafic.

2015_IMG_9807 - Kopia

We arrived at Pont Reyes and had a walk to the picnic place. It was a pretty different landscape from what we got used to during the 2 first days, but it felt like freedom to see cows, small moutains and vegetation.

2015_IMG_9812 - Kopia

On the menu, we had oysters. Really good ones and it felt very luxurious to eat that on the beach. The compagny was very nice and we spent the whole afternoon there, talking with each other and thinking of nothing from our every day life.

2015_IMG_9820 - Kopia

Before to drive back home, we walked to the beach and this picture bellow is the closest from my California dream we got:

2015_IMG_9852 - Kopia

It can look warm and so, but if you look well, you will see that the guys had a whole body set. The wind was really cold and there was absolutely no one willing to take a bath this day! And it did not seem to be an exception. I don’t really understand how I got the picture of surfing people and beach association in my head, what it goes to this part of California.

Let’s see when I will find some time to write about day 4! Keep tuned, it may happen faster than you can guess!

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