Week 15

Time to tell how the first week of my new program after the vacation went.

  • thrusday: running 5 times 90 sec with 45 sec rest, 2 sets with 3 min rest in between (with work, program may change, depending of the group) well I ran with people from work on Friday and we were not very motivated for intervals. We ran 5km and talked and it felt good afterwards. Happy!
  • sunday: 80 min run. Since a friend and I decided to swim together on Sunday, I ran on Saturday instead. I ran a little more than 12 km in 75 minutes. I had kind of hard to find a route for the 5 last minutes but well, it had to be so. It felt in my legs afterward and I was still feeling the jet lag so I felt asleep more than 2 hours in the afternoon.
  • Sunday: about 25 minutes of swimming. Thank H to have taken me there, t had been a long time ago even though I love to swim. I feel always too lazy to take me in wet swimwear through the whole building from the showers into the water. I swam 250+375m breast swim and 375m crawl. Felt good!

And this is a view from my longrun from saturday: little flowers in a dry wood.


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