Sundays thougths





We had a very intens week for some reason and a very intense week end as well. Now, I am all alone, lying in our bed, with my laptop on the knees and it is not as good as a hug from M to warm me up. M is sitting on a delaid train to Ljungby and it will be a long evening for him.

Yesterday, we met a brand new life, a little boy who is born in january and I was all fascinated by the fact that everything is at its place. Every part of him is so little, but working as good as an adult!

Less glamourous thing, we cleaned up a lot this week end. And I ran by the garden and noticed that the hortensia I planted the past sunday is dead. Pretty basic actually: plants need water. I should have passed by every day and water it last week, but it was very different. RIP Hortensia.

When I was cleaning all the instruments from M today, I was admiring him a little more. I admire the fact that from things, he can produce rythms and sounds while I just make noices. Well, I don’t try too hard though, but I feel retarded what it goes to playing music. And nowadays, I don’t listen to much music either. This is a shame. In my future life, I will take more time to listen to music. Wait, my future life? I am alive now and I may not have a special offer “buy one get two!”,so I’d better listen to music now! Do you have some inspiration or tips for me? Please, enlight me and write names of some bands you find nice to discover, I would appreciate it!

2015_IMG_9403 - Kopia

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