The end of the work week is here and I celebrated it with a visit to my hair dresser. She almost laughed at me when I walked in and asked me if I had been to jail or something: my last visit was in February and somehow, my hair grew crazy crazy!

Anyway, I’m now feeling like myself again. I took myself to the library to give back the books I borrowed about San Francisco. I am now waiting for M to finish working for today and I am sitting with some magazines. This interview about Blur makes me really happy: new album from Blur! My 13- years old me will dream again of the 90’s and relive the festival in 2013 in Belfort where they had the big number on Saturday evening. Damon, me and a lots of young one that were not born in 91 were enjoying a whole evening in a summer night with nice melodies. It was even better than in my dreams and I really cannot wait to listen to their new album. 


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