Where the big decisions are taken

Yesterday, the train was rolling very slowly on the bridges to the south of Stockholm and I had the occasion to take this poor shot of the Swedish parliament. This is where the bid decisions, touching the whole country are taken. 

I often think oh all the things that are unfair or could be better and often react for myself about them. I get angry, tired, sad you name it. I often think that things could be changed for the better for a lots of us and this is obviously a place where people who sit there have the possibility to make it.

One reason for which I decided to apply to become a swede myself was the possibility to vote for the Swedish parliament. Without the Swedish nationality, you are only allowed to vote for the local elections. This is already a good step by itself, some people never get the right to vote for anything in other countries. I thought though that it was not really enough. I have been working and paying taxes for a decade now in Sweden and wanted to have something to tell about how this money is used, hopefully for the better. 

Last autumn, it was the second time in my life I voted for the Swedish parliament. The result of this election was pretty strange, with a loosing right, a poor left and a growing extreme right. Now, half a year after, the political situation is kind of strange as well. Well. It will work anyway but everything seems so slow when problems are solved with the help of the politicians. I mean: if you have no job, maybe you cannot wait the politicians to vote a new reform in order I pay your bills. I wish I could change thugs in a more efficient way than with my vote for those who have it tough. I just don’t know how really.

Well, big questions and no answer. So you have some? 


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