Week 17

One more week in the legs and here it is how it went:

Week 17

  • monday: riding. This was the first time I was riding this horse and I can tell that she is not my favorite. She is very sensitive, so at the beginning, I was trying to find the buttons and it worked better and better. But suddently, after 45 min, something flew into her head and it was impossible to feel ok on her back. I was really close to give up, which is something I never did when I was young. It is a little bit like I am too old to fight for ridiculous things, to I let them to someone else. Which is a really bad strategy when you ride a horse. Well.
  • wednesday: 50 min at 5:50 min/km. I was so very tired that I just made a little morning run: 5 km in the woods, it was actually a really good things for my soul.
  • friday: pyramid 5 min, 4 min, 3 min, 2 min with 1 min rest in between, two times and 5 min rest between the sets (with work). We were 4 serious colleagues to meet for the running this friday and we ran slowly through the woods to an hill (about 150m long) and ran it ups and downs 7 times. I felt it in my butt the day after, so I guess it was a good session.
  • sunday: 120 min running. Sunday, I wish it would have been a rest day. 120 minutes is so boring alone that I fixed up a meeting with my syster next week and the goal is 19 km. So this sunday, I just ran 4,5km at a speed of 5,40 min/km which was pretty quick to be me.

Two things happened also during the week 17, that are related to running. I received my clothes to run the half marathon of Linköping in June. I don’t used to post pictures of me on here, but I can tell you that the picture of the outfit I put on facebook was one of the most liked pictures of my FB-life! It will be really excited, and stay tuned, because I may post it after the run, which is on the 6th of June. I garanty you some laughs!

The second big thing is that my cousine (that will run with my sister and I in June) lost her “half-marathon-virginity” this week end. I am very proud of her, that began to run a year ago. She achieved it with a great time and above all, a good feeling of ascomplishment crossing the final line. Congratulation M, you are great! This is very inspiring to see how, you, from nothing, went to a well ran half marathon!

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