Week 16

Here is how week 16 of my training toward Linköpings half marathon went. 

  • monday: riding. Owen the best. Thank to my pedagogical teacher, I fought my fears and had a nice jumping session. Crazy how fear can come and ruin your feelings when you get older!
  • wednesday: 500 set strenght from Lofsan. I was so tired that I only made 200 of them. My plan was to run during the evening but the day was long and the weather horrible.
  • friday: 5 times 4 mins with 2 min with 2 min rest in between. Friday’s are running with colleagues from work and one one then had to be back at the office pretty soon and I had a meeting that ended late, so it was a muscles pain party instead of running the program. It was good for the legs anyway.
  • saturday: extra pass since I did not run that much. It was a little 5km, during which I had to stop 3 (!!!) times to breathe. It was kind of hot and sunny, which was both good and bad. The head liked the sun but the body disliked the warmth. Plus that now, we have decided how we will be dressed for the half marathon in june, I’d better get used to heat…
  • sunday: 40 min at 7 min/km, 10 min at 5:30 min/km and 40 min at 7 min/km. This was a 1) boring pass: 90 min alone nowadays is boring for me. 2) pretyt difficult pass: I noticed when I came back home that I ran 6,30 min/km instead of 7 although I thought I was running very slowly and the 5,3 became more 5,4 and during 8 minutes instead of 10. At the end, 14km in these 90 minutes. It is pretty hard for the head, making this distance only 2/3 of the half marathon.

Some reflexions after this week. I get so bored during the long pass that I never want to go out and fullfill them. This is not a choice though, I need to exercise during 2 hours at least regularly to feel in shape for the half marathon. I also notice that I am not fast at all. My dream of a result close to 1h55-2h00 is almost dead. I think I will land more in something like 2h15, which is well, which is what it is.

The hit of the week is also my new running shoes: some cumulus from Asics. They are really happy in the color and the difference in the feelings is huge with my old ones. I use one par of shoes every year and actually, this is worth to put money in good shoes: they are fitting my feet well, I don’t get hurt and the little plus of having a nice equipment is priceless even if it’s not making me running faster.

Your turn to guess which are the new and which are the old ones:

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