Fourth day in San Francisco

Soon, it will have been so long ago we have been in San Francisco that you will be able to consider my posts about it as archeology. Well, let me tell you about our 4th day in SF!

First thing: the 4th day began with some rain. We decided then to change our big plans of taking the boat to the other side of the bay with going shopping. So, after a breakfast outside in a local coffeeshop, we took the Muni to drive to the city center. And oh no, it was the sunday of Eastern… Meaning half of the shops -of course the half I wanted in to- were closed. I was unhappy, but my wallet was happy. So we turned this failed shopping day into a walking day. 15 kilometers at the end, and since San Francisco is happily hilly, my legs still remember it!

2015_IMG_9868 - Kopia

We walked through the China Town and arrived at the Coit Tower, which had an american flag proudly surfing in the wind. I had to take a picture and I am not sure if it is ok to show it in reverse? Well, I hope no one get offended.

2015_IMG_9880 - Kopia

We walked down and up the Lombard street, which is world wide known for its nice design, look by yourself. This was actually a place where turism was at its apogee. People just come in car to drive this street down and drive slowly in order to make selfies or something. Some order people are working and shouting them to keep moving. People are walking up the stairs on the sides on the street and when you arrive at the top, you feel a little bit like you’re on the top of the world.

2015_IMG_9897 - Kopia

This is the view you get at the top of Lombard street, with the Coit tower on the top of the hill on the right. And the sea. And houses. And trees. Well, a normal little world, but no view I usually have for my breakfast.

2015_IMG_9902F - Kopia

And we walked and walked. I could show you our way on a map, but I have to admit that I am a bit too lazy tonight, sunday evening, to redraw it on it. I can just tell you that: ups and downs and pretty different blocks on the sides to each others. And a lots of wires. Everywhere.

2015_IMG_9912 - Kopia

We had a beautiful sunset on the city and the wind was much calmer on the evening, at least in my rememberings.

2015_IMG_9917 - Kopia 2015_IMG_9923 - Kopia

And in a book shop, we met the smartest cat in the world but also the most bored. Litterature is not what it used to be he told us.

2015_IMG_9925 - Kopia

And the good Mister Oizo was sitting on the wall of this book shop, the colors were all old and ; was happy to see him. In this shop, we bought some books for the kids and a book for us: crappy taxidermy and if you click on the link, you may do nightmares. Or laugh. I do the last.

2015_IMG_9927 - Kopia

Our 4th day was long, rich in views and steps and will be remembered as a perfect vacation day!

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