First day in San Francisco

We arrived in the middle of an afternoon in SF and since the night was very short the night before, both M and I were totally tired. We just went to pick up the little girl at school and tried to stay awake during the dinner.

After a good night of sleep, I woke up pretty early and could admire the sunrise on the 18th street from the window of our bedroom. This gave me a lots of smile and was the beginning of a good day.

2015_IMG_9615 - Kopia

We ate breakfast in a little café and E drove us to the Californa Academy of Sciences. This is a big museum with both animals and sciences. We saw a lots of fishes (big aquarium) but I felt a little sorry for these animals, that had almost no place to turn in their cages/aquarium. It was a way too little for most of them.

One interesting part of the museum was the reproduction of earth quake. San Francisco is in a sensitive zone and the city was already distroyed several times because of earth quake. This is also what explains why the city doesn’t feel american: all the buildings are pretty low (max 3 levels) and there is only skyskrapers in the financial district. The rest of the city is occupied by low wood houses, which gives a nice feeling. No oppresion by architecture here no no!

After the museum -which took pretty long time!- we went for a walk in the Golden Gate Parc and walked by the japanese garden, with its trees in bloom.

2015_IMG_9652 - Kopia

Then, E picked up us and we drove to the pacific ocean. First time for me to see it and it was so windy that we almost lost our heads. We had lunch in a nice restaurant with a view on the ocean. Waves, birds, sun, ocean, almost vacation feelings. Well, it felt like vacation!

2015_IMG_9692 - Kopia

On the afternoon, we went to the Legion of Honnour, which has one of the ex of Le penseur of Rodin. Pretty big statue and wonderful view from this place.

2015_IMG_9704SV - Kopia 2015_IMG_9705 - Kopia 2015_IMG_9706 - Kopia

We had to pick up the little M at school, but before that, we made a little walk to the painted ladies. It reminded me of Mrs Doubfire somehow, but I am not sure if it was only in my head, or if the film happened in SF. It was windy as well and a lots of people were sitting in the parc, though the wind.

2015_IMG_9726 - Kopia

Then, we came back home and if I remember well, we did not wait too long to go to bed this evening. A lots of impressions for the first day and still some tiredness from the travel.

I’ll write about the other days later this week, time for me to eat and go to bed: the jetlag is even worse in this direction!

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