Waiting for the plane

We checked in, and are now waiting at our gate for our flight back to Europe, enjoying the free wifi. I did not suffer from jet lag so much duringn our vacation in SF but I am a bit scared of how it will be to readapt to the European time. It will be work during the night from SF time, let’s see. I just hope I will be able to sleep much in the plane. I booked some better places for this flight, with more space for the legs and the possibility to incline the seat much more, I really count on sleeping.

The week here was fantastic, and it’s always sad to leave friends but at least, I know now how they do live and where they spend days, how they go to work or school, which house they are living in and it will be much easier to understand their stories in the future. And I also understand why they want to stay here.

For now, wish me a good flight with a good connection in Amsterdam. And once again, thank you family R for this wonderful time!


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