Week 14

Since we are travelling, training is not high on the prio-list unfortunatly. But I take this “moving” post of the week to explain how I plan to train until the half marathon of Linköping in June.

I will be travelling a lot for work and it is not always easy to combine everything. The Nike Coach was a funny experiment but it was a way too much time to spend to run and this is a little boring and wasn’t fitting at all in my schedule. It helped me though to build a base and at this date, I know that I can run 21 km (done under week 11), that I can make a lots of progress witht strength (this is good for the head, I will surely make a lots of good results at the beginning to reach a plate phase, but the good results will maybe motivate me until june). My weight is somewhere between 62 and 63 kg and it is a little to high but with some tightning through strength, it will not matter that much. Easier to carry muscles than to carry fat.

My ground idea for this program is to have some long pass and strength exercices for the legs. Why? First, because I have never training strength like that but got convinced by my friend H. Second, because when I’ve tried it once, noticed that I was really weak and afterwards felt better with a tight body. Third, because it doesn’t take a lots of time and I don’t need any tools.

So that’s how I go, from week 15 and on. :

Week 15

  • thrusday: running 5 times 90 sec with 45 sec rest, 2 sets with 3 min rest in between (with work, program may change, depending of the group)
  • sunday: 80 min run

Week 16

  • monday: riding
  • wednesday: 500 set strenght from Lofsan
  • friday: 5 times 4 mins with 2 min with 2 min rest in between
  • sunday: 40 min at 7 min/km, 10 min at 5:30 min/km and 40 min at 7 min/km

Week 17

  • monday: riding
  • wednesday: 50 min at 5:50 min/km
  • friday: pyramid 5 min, 4 min, 3 min, 2 min with 1 min rest in between, two times and 5 min rest between the sets (with work)
  • sunday: 120 min running

Week 18

  • monday: riding
  • tuesday: runnign 8 times 3,3 min with 90 sec rest in between
  • friday: 500 set strength from Lofsan
  • saturday: 70 min running, hopefully with my sister

Week 19

  • tuesday: running 10 times 70 sec with 20 sec rest in between, two sets with 2:30 min rest between the sets
  • thrusday: 500 set strenght from Lofsan
  • sunday: running 90 min

Week 20

  • monday: ridning
  • tuesday: running 8 times 3 min with 1 min rest in between
  • thursday: 10 min at 5:50 min/km, 10 min at 5:40 min/km, 10 min at 5:30 min/km, 10 min at 5:20 min/km
  • saturday: 50 min at 7 min/km 20 min at 5:40 min/km and 50 min at 7 min/km

Week 21

  • monday: riding
  • wednesday: 60 min running at 5:50 min/km
  • friday: 500 set strength Lofsan
  • sunday: 90 min running

Week 22

  • monday: ridning
  • tuesday: 50 min at 5:40 min/km
  • wednesday: 50 set strength from Lofsan
  • friday: 10 times 90 sec with 45 sec rest in between (with work)
  • sunday: 60 min

Week 23

  • monday: riding
  • wednesday: 8 times 1 min with 30 sec rest in between and 2 km at 5:40 min/km to finish the pass
  • thursday: 3 easy km

Some reasons to change this program (because there is no plan A without a plan B). I also want to swim with a friend, but I will take the swimming only as bonus, and maybe move some running to another day in order not to train twice the same day (well, I’m ambitious but not too much…). I may donate blood somehow during this spring and depending on when I am called for that, I may 1) postpone the blood giving thing or 2) change my program.

So now, I need to enjoy my planned vacation of rest and load for some active weeks! And don’t believe I am who I’m not: the thing I am looking forward the most is to run through the finish line from the half marathon and to REST FOR THE REST OF THE SUMMER!!!

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