I have a plan

The end of the week has been pretty chaotical. I have been helding a course the whole thursday, coming home very late and sleeping almost directly. Friday was busy by busy at work and I repeated the same as the day before: I went to bed around 21 and slept the whole night. M is in Ljungby, having party with his colleagues and I am using the time to sleep, run and son study. I have a lot to read, so I may be boring (aahah I meant more than usual) on here.

For the running part: I bought a book, called “running int the middle of the life” löpträning mitt i livet which gives advices on how organise runtraining. This is actually pretty smart and I have been trying to make it for the coming weeks. This is actually good to plan, because the coming weeks are full of a lot of travels or work, so this is quite a precision work to put some kilometers between trains and work.

The plan for the coming week looks like this:

Sunday – 7 slow kilometers with low pulse.

Monday – home work out with exercices for the legs, back, stomach and bowl

Tuesday – 6,2 km at the gym after work, intervall kind of 2km warming up, then 200m + 400m + 600m + 800m + 600m + 400m + 200m with 60sec pause inbetween and 1km cool down

Wednesday – maybe 4km with a colleague from work. This is pretty unsure, it depends on our program for the day.

Thursday – home work out or 4km depending of the day before

Friday – well needed restand bubble friday!

Saturday – 11km with low pulse in town after a sleeping morning.

Now, let’s shower and read about association and stuff!

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