Mother an advantage for the career

I read a whole book yesterday and I’m not sure what I think of it now. This is a book in Swedish called Mother, an advantage for the career and it gives advices on how to get forward thanks to your parenthood.

On one hand, there are quite good comparisons described in the book on how to act at work, being a better colleague, thanks to the behavior learnings you get while becoming a parent (like reading between the lines, being patient, choosing your fights).

But on the other hand, it supposes that you were bad at it before, that it came to you just by giving birth to a child and that everyone without kids are not so good at it either. I guess people without kid don’t have interest in reading this kind of literature but I also know a lots of people who have kids and who are bad at a lot.

Well, I guess the main purpose of the book is to give hope to new mothers in their future career and it could enlighten some. It took as I wrote one evening to read, so I would maybe recommend it because of that (and some humor in the texts as well).


Z has shown interest for letters recently. She points at them and says “ssss” or “ooooo” or “iiiii” depending on what she sees. Since I have a parental leave day, I decided to make her an alfabet. Well, we first spent the day and lunch out with good friends of us and while she was sleeping, I made the letter collection, both for French and swedish.

When I was au-pair, the kids I was taking care of went to a preschool working with Montessori method. The Montessori method views the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It attempts to develop children physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

I don’t pretend to learn Z how to read now, but she shows interest, so I want to encourage her to explore. Let’s see if it will work!

New webzine for sweing addicts!

I have to tell you a great news: a new webzine is out! It’s all about sewing for you, who want to get your creativity get a place in your life at home.

You find it here:

The articles are full of humour, good links and tricks. It doesn’t hurt either that the visual is wonderfull: great pictures, a candy for the eyes!

So, off to your internet and get inspired!


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The course of love – Alain de Botton

This is the last book I finished and I liked it a lot. If you are going to relax a bit for vacation and wonder how far you came with your relationships, then was this book, a guide to a evoluting relationship between a man and a woman who decided at a point to say yes to each other for the better and the worse.

More about the story here.

Success story

I just finished this book (not sure it is available in another language than swedish) . It gave good advises to improve your life. Good words from successful people are also grouped in the book.

Jason Diakité -en droppe midnatt

This is one more book I’ve read this year and I had the pleasure to make it outside. I like the story and the description about ifentity. Who am I when I am not living where I come from? This is something I have to deal with everyday and I thought a lot about my daughter will have to deal with it too. Well written I like this book very much. It gave me a lot of reflections.

Jojo Moyes – the one plus one.

This is the first book I finished to read this year and I liked it.

Story of a family who fight for a living. It happens quite improbable things in a short period of time but it was a book easy to read. Good moral amd nice writp.


Picture borrowed here:


Högt spel – Gösta Unefäldt

Last reading from the library. It was a tip from the library people, but I am not really sure why it was so. That’s a bit incomplete btw at the library they tip about a lots of books, but you don’t know why just these books are enlighten. I would like to have a reason, or a theme, or at least a little explanation/word which would hint.

Anyway, “högt spel” was a criminal novel, taking place in west Sweden. Everything was just so predictable that I got tired of it pretty but I read it until the end. Why? Because there were some strange words in it, a mix of norwegian and swedish somehow. I learn some new vocabulary.