Long time no writting on here, sorry. I have been busy with some extra formation for work and I wanted to spend the time left on “free time” with my family. I got the last testes this week, so after that, I will be all ready for some more time on here.

This year, we will probably have a long summer vacation, so we decided (Well, I did and then, up to me to make it work for the three of us…) tp take the train to France, where we will spend some times at my parents place. Last week end, we booked the train between Hamburg and Basel and now, we just have to sew the rest of the travel. It’s fun.

With this plan, then, we have to rethink our way of travelling. Z will be 2,5 years old, we will probably change trains a couple of times before to be at our destination, so we bought a bag pack for carrying our little girl. This will be a challenge, because one will carry her and one will carry the other bag pack, including all our things. Well, fun!

I’ll tell more on it on it was after this summer, I hope it will be funny!

A morning in may

The sun has been shining in Sweden for weeks (2?) now and I’m living again! The sun is up earlier and earlier every morning so I feel a big relief somehow. Ok, still tired by too little sleep and too much work, but fine.

This weekend, we have changed to position of the furniture on our balcony. It was a must, because of a little girl climbing everywhere and it would have been bad for her to be too curious about what’s outside the balcony from the fifth floor. Before, we had the couch in the most sunny part of the balcony but it was also windy . Now, we can sit in a little protected corner and enjoy the evenings on the balcony without freezing. Much better!

Today, I’m travelling to Stockholm for a meeting and the train was living around 8. Ridiculous to go to work for 45 min before and impossible to staying bed when you know that our little girl, who is going to preschool, doesn’t like to get dressed and make it loud. So I decided yesterday evening to make something I haven’t done in ages: to go out for a morning run. I looked which paths I could take (used the random function from the Garmin app) for a 5km and when the alarm rang this morning, I did not think, I just put on my clothes and went outside. It was already warm, so I was sweating like a pig but it was very enjoyable to begin the day like that. Not easy though but fine afterwards.

Have a nice day everyone!

The challenge of 2017

Since it’s still the month during when people want to fulfill their new years resolutions and go to the gym, I feel inspired to write about my goals concerning health.

My 2017 began with kind of challenge for my body: to give birth to a 4,2 kg little girl. I had no idea how it would go and it went well. It took me almost 3 months to feel about normal in my body but before that, I began with walks. At this stage, my goal was, if everything went back to normal as planned, to run 10km under 50 min for her first birthday. Z will turn 1 year in 2 days and somehow, I’m not there. But don’t let you be spoiled, I’ll told you more.

To make the goal achievable, I decided to have some kind of activity at least 3 times a week. No need to say that I also had to train my stomach, core and perineum back. It was sometimes hard to find the motivation to train and some weeks were totally without training. But some weeks had more training than that. At the end of the year, I trained 32,3% of the days of this year, which is almost 43% (= the goal), so not too bad!

In the beginning, to get back on track with running, I took walks with the stroller and tried to blend walk and run. It was tough (the stroller is not running friendly really) but the times I made the same thing alone (M being at home taking care of Z), I felt like I was flying! After three months, I was able to run 3 km, but my condition was all gone. I was surprised by this because I went to the gym until one month before Z came and I was cycling. But somehow, the amount of blood I had during the pregnancy, plus the little space for my lungs gave me the wrong feelings.

The first week of may (4 months post partum), I ran 5 km at the speed of 6,5 min/km. This was not quick, but somehow a victory for me! It was difficult to find time (or let me reformulate this: I did not prioritize it) after april since I began to work half time again. The days with Z, I had to take the stroller (=not very motivated) or to wait for M to come back from work, which is often too late for me to train. The days I was working, I was tired in the mornings (I have been a morning runner earlier in my life) or too willing to spend time with M and Z when I came back home after work.

July the 2nd, I ran my first 10km. It took me 1h08, which was pretty ok for me!

I ran, swam and walked during the summer. After that, I jumped onto an offer from our local gym and registered for a year. Since it’s quite of expansive, I found some motivation to make more intervals and strength exercises. E, a mum from our mammagroup, gave me a challenge and in september, we ran together the Kung Björns loppet in Uppsala. Well, we started together and she arrived much earlier than I did, but I managed the 6,4 km in 38 min or something. This was a big confidence kick for me and the day right after, I ran 10 km in 1h06. And this was it this year for the “long” distances.

During the fall, I have been sick on and of, I haven’t prioritized sport and worked a bit tooo much, so it was not so good for the training.

Now that we invested in an expansive running/bicycling stroller, I have to goals for 2018:

  • make the stroller cheap (= every time it’s used, it becomes cheaper)
  • make my gym registration cheap.

Wish me luck!

I even spent a little fortune on a bike today. This is not a racer or anything, it has to fulfill its funtion to drive Z to the kindergarten, but who knows, maybe it will help me to make the stroller cheaper!


Upgrade in our vehicule parc

Long time no writing here, but life has been quite full with a lots of things recently. Well, no extraordinary things, but common life. Since I decided to cut time off Facebook (read: no facebook scrolling anymore), I will try to use my time a little better and make what I really want to make of my days. Maybe it will result in more blog-posts, I haven’t decided yet, but who knows?

M, Z and I got ourselves a big Xmas present. We bought a Thule Cross bike-car combined to running stroller and normal strolley for quite a little fortune. The thing is that Z will begin preschool/kindergarten in february and we got a place for her quite far from our home and works, so we needed to upgrade our transport facilities. After long months of thinking, measuring, saving and finally deciding, we ordered a Thule Chariot Cross 1, a blue one.

It arrived yesterday at home, so I directly needed to try it, since we even ordered a jogging kit. The point with buying this kind of expensive equipment is that we want to use it a lot. We never bought a stroller for her (we have nice friends for gave one to us), so somehow, we saved some money at the beginning. Now we have different needs with Z and the beautiful days will soon arrive (well, this could be unsure). What we won’t have this year as well is a lots of vacation days (since we worked 50% the past year). And we don’t know our region very much, so this will be the occasion to make day trip with the bicycles and the Chariot Cross 1.

So yesterday, after packing up the stroller, Z and I went to the gas station to put some air in the tires (we need to buy a pump for big ventiles…) and then, we went for a 5K run. At the beginning, I was so excited that I forgot I had to save my power a little. It asked quite some time to get used to how to guide the strolley, but it went pretty well. We ran on asphalt and a gravel path. You can feel the change of ground pretty well, but every training is good training, right?

I stopped quite often to check out if Z was ok. I’m not used not to see her when she is in a stroller, so it asked me some cool down. After 1 km, she felt asleep, so we used the function “seat down” to give her more comfort. As it seems, it was quite comfortable, she wouldn’t have fallen asleep else. When she woke up, she was talking calmly. I tried to answer her, but honestly, after 4km, I felt quite tired and my heart was beating high! This is maybe that which broke my clock: Garmin-friend didn’t want to synchronize with the computer and I had to make a big reset. No big deal though.

This morning, we took a second run and Z was unhappy because of her hat falling down to her eyes. It asked pretty many stops to put it right again and it’s more a problem of hat than a problem of stroller.

On the list for me is to buy a bicycle. I know that I want a lots of different speeds (7 at least) and a bicycle that is not too much flashy, because I don’t want it to get stolen either. And cheap. Some tips?



Life is wonderful 

The weeks just dissappear now that we have our new organisation,  with half week at work and half week at home with Z for both M and I. This is a wonderful equilibrium where the 3 of us are happy.

As I wrote earlier,  I try to come back with running,  which I do slowly, sometimes alone when M is at home with Z and sometimes with the trolley. In this case, this is real training I can tell you. It weights five tons since it’s not a special running trolley but it makes my legs good!

Yesterday,  I made bread. It was pretty successful so you guess the good breakfast I will have today! 

7 on friday morning 

This is Friday. Week 36 for the belly and next last Friday for me to work before the longest break from work I have since I began school when I was 3 years old. 

Today, I’m going to a meeting in Borlänge so I’ll take the train in the morning and come back pretty late for a Friday.  I am giving myself some hours of peace until 8, time at which I usually already worked 1,5 hours. 

This is all dark outside and it will get even worse for the month to come. Somehow it is cosy to prepare myself with few lights inside and enjoy these extra hours in the morning. The baby is awake as well, rolling in my belly.

Oh BTW, for those who care: I was swimming this week and it was WONDERFUL! I did not even feel that I was pregnant when I was in the water and I could swim as I use to do, not even slower or feeling more tired. I felt it in my back and shoulders the days after but it was good muscles pain. I will really go there more often until it’s time to give birth, I felt like a bird. But note to self : don’t try to get out of the water as if the belly was not here. I wanted to go out without using the scale but the result was a big plouf. Too hard to put myself + 8 extra kg out of the water from the side of the pool.

Have a good day! 

Time for some rest

We are right now in France, at my parents place, for some days of farniente. The weather is ideal with sun and warmth and we enjoy some “sport” in the morning, rest after lunch and swimming pool in the afternoon.  By “sport” I meant bicycle, but we walk uphill, too much slope for my taste and a long walk this morning.

I succeeded to read a book as well, long time it did not happen. This is peaceful here, we saw a lots of birds, insects, flowers and enjoy the calm.

Here you get one view we had this morning during our almost 7km walk.



This was Midsummer this week end, meaning a three days week end. I needed so much to sleep that I made a little dance when I left the work on Thursday.

The first thing I did in the week end was a fail: I went to the gym directly after work and I came three minutes after the gym had closed. Fail. But I walked home and took a nap in the soffa until M came home instead. Worked well!

On Friday, we did not celebrate Midsummer, we were just at home, chilling, reading, admiring the sunflowers that grow on the balcony. It was raining also, so we watched some parts of Gomorrah and started a new serie From canal Plus.

Yesterday, it was a wonderful and warm day so we took a book each, a blanket and went to the park to rest there. After about 30 minutes I was restless and couldn’t stay in place. Nice, huh? We cale back home (after a little more time though) and changed clothes for a late run. It was nice, except the flies. And we watched more canal plus.

Today, long sleep, breakfast, stressing fotboll game For France and I tried for the first time of my life to make a tarte tatin. I knew I had to be careful with the caramel at the beginning but even if I tried to be patient, I think I burnt it. The pie is right now in the owen, but I am not very optimistic. Let’s see!


Taking life like a bicycle ride

Once again, the week was full of activities and there was no time to write on here. We took a night in Stockholm to celebrate Ms birthday and for me, it felt like a whole week of vacation.

The weather has been wonderful and even if they threatened with rain yesterday and today, I can see now that they were wrong and the temperature is already high, to be Sweden. Crazy, when the rest of Europe is under the rain and floods.

We were invited for dinner yesterday and we took a bicycle ride there. It was quite long but really funny for us to discover the surroundings. We got lost of course ebut we finally found the house where they were waiting for us with a lovely dinner, that we ate outside.

We did rife back home along Fyrisån, which is the rivet running through Uppsala and the birds were all crazy, singing as hell. It was so beautiful, this picture taken with my phone cannot transcribe 10% of what we saw. Wonderful ride. Wonderful evening. Wonderful life.

This is now the beginning of a three days long weekend, this is Sweden national day on Monday. We have no plans and that is wonderful. I have at least ten books waiting for me to be readen, it will be enough! Have a Greta weekend!


A day in the woods

We took our breakfast on the balcony today. First time ever and it was hot! Then, we did put our hiking shoes on and took the bus to the south. And we walked. We walked. And we walked. We were really happy to arrive home after 5 hours outside, discovering new parts or our neighborhood but with tired legs.

Tonight, we will sleep like babys. And for me, the weekend goes on for three more days!

When this episode of Marseille is finished, time for bed!