Grey day

The sun doesn’t want to show its nose today it seems. First of all, it is late at getting up and second, it is morning tired. No problem for me today, I planned inside activities. 

I love how my days in my new life begin: I eat breakfast with M, who goes to work around 6h30 and then, I sit on the couch and watch the “quotidien” from the evening before and drink tea. This is a good way-in my opinion – to keep in touch with France,  hear French and laugh also. Me likes! 

For the rest, I’m feeling creative today and the baby is having restless legs as soon as I sit down. I’m very curious to get to know this person and I’m really happy to share it with M.

The soundtrack of today was so far composed of a lots of Bowie and Fédération Française de Funk, a band I haven’t listened to for ages.

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