This is week 30 here, in our travel to have a bigger family. It means that 75% of the loading is done. In 10 weeks,  we will have to take care of a little person. 

This little person is right now moving like a fish in my stomach,  pushing all the things that were here before him/her in some strange places. Heartburn, hello! The nights are OK but I need to think when I lay down,  in order to have a good position that will last at least half of the night. And in the morning,  even if it’s Saturday,  I wake up around 6 and need to eat breakfast. Which I’ve done while M is sleeping deeply. 

Two weeks as married woman,  I never felt so lucky to share my life with my husband.  Still unusual to call M eith these words, but nice!

We have a mission this weekend: after exactly one year in our flat in Uppsala,  we will register to the library. I know the date when I’ll stop to work so I plan to read! Yeah!

I also finish the illustrations of African animals and I even received a printed poster (illustrations made by me). I am happy with the result so I’ll print others!

Ok, I’ll try to sleep a little more for now. Have a good weekend! 

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