Midsummer day

oh what a day yesterday! We had our friends and their kids at our place and it was a wonderful time. No dancing around the pole, but all the must for the eating were here. The weather was horrible, so of course we went outside to play a little but no one had really the envy to stay out too long.

And this morning… At 10, my friend H and I were paying the fees for entrance at the outdoor swimming pool. I have to admit that I was not feeling in my best physical condition ever but it was fantastic. Ok, not the moment when you are freezing your ass in your swimming suit, having a head that is hurting and a stomach which doesn’t recognize ups from downs. But after the 50 first meters, this was wonderful. I love swimming and after this morning, I knew it was all ok to spend the rest of the day in bed. Which we did.

Now, I’ll try to find myself some ideas for training this summer. I want to be fitter and stronger but lack motivation.


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