Christmas is over

And fo me who doesn’t like Xmas, it was a good week. We got the visit of my whole familly (read mum, dad, syster and her boyfriend) and we enjoid this week of food an drinks in Linköping. We have been beginning every meal with a glas (or two) of bubble wine, sometimes champagne, sometimes not and to be honest, after a week like that, I need a little rest from bubbles.

We even manage to make a whole famille reunion in Jönköping, with M’s parents and one of his brothers&familly. This was very nice to find the time to make both sides meet, for the first time. We don’t have that much occasions to make it, since my parents are living in France and M’s in Sweden but we managed and I am happy of that.

The weather showed its best side: sunny, cold and even snow for the last day.

I am wondering a little of the resolutions I will take for this year. I feel like I need to clean in my life, I will keep in touch with what I decided to fullfill.

2014_IMG_8650 - Kopia

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