To decorate a cake

Oh what for a job… I bought some things to make decorations on cake and I failed twice already.

The first time, I tried to make meringues. It seemed so easy on the YouTube videos I’d watched, I had all the ingredients so I happily made the batch… Which ran through without letting me time to make decorations. I just had to make flat meringues….

The second time was tonight, when I tried a recipe from a banana cake. Neither M or Z like Banana but I thought that they wouldn’t notice with a lots of whipped cream on it. They did.

It went a little bit better for the decorations but I made it too soon, when the cake still was too warm. It smelt down right after the picture…

Wednesday at home with Z

I’m enjoying the last days of parental leave, which come once a week, in the middle of a hectic job. We had to defreeze our freezer (I thought new ones did not need it but yes…) So I’ve been pretty creative on the food area recently to use everything we had in the freezer. The least obvious things were the fruits. I’ve been making marmelade a couple of evenings this week and actually, I’m happy: we got a lot now to enjoy on the Saturday and Sunday breakfasts!


The week end was calm here in Uppsala. We did basically nothing but to spend time together and rest.

We still struggle with Z’s food. It’s good, she likes fruits, but she doesn’t want to eat anything else. I listened to the tips I got but it did not make it. She doesn’t seem to suffer of it, she still runs around all the day but somehow, I feel that she doesn’t get what she needs. It maybe will get better when she gets to kindergarten. Ah well…

I am also very bored by coking for us adults (btw, she eats the same thing as we do), the inspiration is simply not here. So now, for a while, we will test “matkassar”, meaning you buy a bag of food prepared for recipes for a week. I choose an option “easy for kids”, so it won’t be that much vegetarian I guess and less biological as well, but I had to choose: my mental health or our empty stomachs.

We watched a movie yesterday: Sameblod. It’s not a glorious part of swedish history but what for a determination the girl shows! The landscapes are also very beautiful and the plot is well filmed. Go for it!

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picture borrowed here:


1 year

Our little girl turned 1 year yesterday. Big day! We celebrated it the three of us in the morning with balloons, gifts and cake. She did not understand the principe of blowing candle, but eating the cake, she got it! At least, she ate all the raspberries (her favorite fruit)!

Then we visited our friends who also have a little girl, born the same day as Z. It was very cosy to be in the middle of a family party (their relatives live around here), which never will happen for us, with this kind of spontaneity. Our relatives live too far away just to make it over an afternoon.

Speaking of eating, I think our little Z is not completely satisfied with her meals. She likes almost everything (we eat all the same here at home) but eats more of fruits and vegetables than things that make her stomach full. She doesn’t like pasta nor rice so much and I have the feeling that she gets hungry again pretty soon. Do you have tricks or recipes for one year old? I’m right now kind of bored of cooking and she needs more than just fruits. Any tips?


Life is wonderful 

The weeks just dissappear now that we have our new organisation,  with half week at work and half week at home with Z for both M and I. This is a wonderful equilibrium where the 3 of us are happy.

As I wrote earlier,  I try to come back with running,  which I do slowly, sometimes alone when M is at home with Z and sometimes with the trolley. In this case, this is real training I can tell you. It weights five tons since it’s not a special running trolley but it makes my legs good!

Yesterday,  I made bread. It was pretty successful so you guess the good breakfast I will have today! 


Today, it is party for kids in the East and North of France (and many others regions in Europe). This is Saint-Nicolas. To me, it is a celebration that I prefer, compared to Christmas. Much easier tradition to follow and less expectations maybe. 

The 5th of December, you put a carrot and a glads of milk outside your door, and if you’ve been nice during the year, the Saint-Nicolas may bring you clementines and a book during the night. Saint-Nicolas and his comparse Père Fouettard used to come for a visit at school and there is always a big parade in town the coming Saturday. 

You can read about the legend and everything on wiki of course: 

We use to eat gingerbread (I’m not a fan of it though)  and Mannala, kind of brioche little people. This is not hard to bake but it takes time. Now, time is on my side, so I baked mannalas this morning. They taste really good!


This was Midsummer this week end, meaning a three days week end. I needed so much to sleep that I made a little dance when I left the work on Thursday.

The first thing I did in the week end was a fail: I went to the gym directly after work and I came three minutes after the gym had closed. Fail. But I walked home and took a nap in the soffa until M came home instead. Worked well!

On Friday, we did not celebrate Midsummer, we were just at home, chilling, reading, admiring the sunflowers that grow on the balcony. It was raining also, so we watched some parts of Gomorrah and started a new serie From canal Plus.

Yesterday, it was a wonderful and warm day so we took a book each, a blanket and went to the park to rest there. After about 30 minutes I was restless and couldn’t stay in place. Nice, huh? We cale back home (after a little more time though) and changed clothes for a late run. It was nice, except the flies. And we watched more canal plus.

Today, long sleep, breakfast, stressing fotboll game For France and I tried for the first time of my life to make a tarte tatin. I knew I had to be careful with the caramel at the beginning but even if I tried to be patient, I think I burnt it. The pie is right now in the owen, but I am not very optimistic. Let’s see!



We had some beautiful day lately! Almost 15 degrees and sun! And you know what? We began this weekend of four days with a dinner outside. Lovely!

Have a happy weekend!



This has been an intense week. And a social week! I met people that I like and the time spent with them reminded me of how I, as human being, need to exchange ideas, thoughts and laughs with people. 

Yesterday, I spent the evening with people that I know since 10 years. 10 years of Sweden and I have to admit that I was very lucky to land with just these people. We celebrated two of them becoming 50 years old and talked memories. We reviewed everyone’s first memory in life. This was interesting to hear. 

I am right now waiting for our guest for this Friday to arrive with the train and this fact made me smile for weeks! It will be a wonderful evening!

After this piece of cake and reflexion, I will be all reloaded after this intense week and ready for the House of Cards marathon waiting for tomorrow and Sunday. Can’t wait to see Claire Underwoods clothes for this new season.

Have a good week end! 


And the life goes on

sunday. 7 degrees outside and a shiny sun. Wonderful!! We took a walk and stopped in a coffee shop. I took the healthy alternative with a juice that is actually good: 50% Appel, 15% pears, 14% avocado, 13% cucumber, 8% spinach -is that even 100%?? It doesn’t matter because it was all sweat and good.

Now, buying food. Have a nice Sunday!