What to say…

I am hopeless… The weeks go on and they look like the previous ones: I don’t find the time neither to write on here or to write on my stories. This week was a mix of education (3 days of learning about myself, very interesting and giving self confidence), and riding and not seeing the sun and so.

I have been running this morning, only 8km but it felt like I was going to die during the whole pass. I don’t really know why. My heart was beating really fast but I was not running specially fast or on a hard road. I mean, sometimes, you can’t be on top, it may have been this kind of day.

I am preparing a xmas gift for the rest and I am very curious to see the reaction of the people who will get it. For now, just a sneak peak of my equipment:

2014_IMG_8509 - Kopia 2014_IMG_8512 - Kopia

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